Got a new beat fresh out of the kitchen called Babyleg. It’s a raw battle type of beat. The kind you’d spit some lines over when you want to end someone’s whole career. No choruses or any of that… a nice little departure from the other trappier beats.

Making of

I sampled the second track off of a Johnny Rivers record I had laying around. (The intro track was a weird-ass cover of “Hey Joe” that was pretty cool until the dude started singing!)

I ripped the nice little bass riff from first 10 seconds of “Look Into Your Soul” straight into Logic and started chopping it up on the ol’ EXS24, then layed down the drums with an ancient kit that’s been lurking around the hard drive for years. There’s some experimentation with the Pitch Shifter going on here- you can kind of hear it when the main lick drops down and up and does some nice little harmonies.

use this beat for free

Hope you like it! It’s under a Creative Commons Attribution License, so feel free to rap over it or use it in a video without having the copyright police knocking on your door. Just be sure to credit me somewhere.

In the meantime, follow me up on that there Soundcloud. I go by Hurt Juan in those streets.