Ghosts of Blogs Past

spooky scaryCancel your plans, tidy up the bathroom and inflate the old air mattress, ‘cuz this blog is back in town! What happened to the old one, you ask?

It was embarrassing. Here’s a quick summary of what you were fortunate enough to miss out on:

  • Overuse of the word “dope”
    • Used at least 3 times per post and cringeworthy titles like “PSA: Scarves Are Dope”, my favorite word sounded less “cool” and more along the lines of “something my dad would say when he was trying to score weed in the seventies.”
  • Most Popular Post: “Emoji Charades”
    • Back in the days of 2012, emojis were innocent little smilies that were only really used by the Japanese and a handful of people who figured out how to add another keyboard to their iPhone 4s. Now we’ve got our newfangled middle fingers and eggplants, the possibilities for guessing movie titles based on their emoji translations are endless!
  • Adamant Juicy J Fans
    • A post about how Oscar-winning rap artist Juicy J probably had an Ella Enchanted kinda relationship with drugs (You can say no but Juicy J can’t!) that made waves when it got the only comment ever posted to ITT from an angry Frenchman. C’est la vie!
  • Lowkey Racism
    • With songs like “If Only I Were Black” and “I Never Made Love to an Asian Woman” it was probably a good idea that pre-Liberal-artsy-fartsy Tuba was wiped from the internet.
  • Sexual Frustration
    • This pretty much sums it up:
      Clown Wenches