Grillagon – Got My Cheetah


Got My Cheetah was me and my buddy Noah’s senior thesis project during our stint at college. It’s got everything: murderous puppets, original music, full body spandex… the list goes on!

The making of this short was both the most fun and most stressful experience of my 23 year old lifetime. We made the puppets over the course of a month (and by “we” I mean “Noah” because he’s quite artsy and good with his hands while I could barely figure out how to hold a sewing needle without bleeding.)

The actual shooting took place over 1 very intense week. We had 3 different people holding the camera and a bunch of other folks holding everything else. When we were setting up the final shot, I stepped on a nail and had to limp on over to the health center to get a tetanus shot.

Although the video was made senior year, Noah and I recorded the title track during our junior year. It was in our sweltering little double where we decided to revive our 7th grade alter egos: Zev and Slurg – two ignorant but equally rich hip-hop artists who made up the notorious rap duo known as Grillagon.

Since their genesis in middle school, we made two videos starring those characters before we discovered that pot was a thing. That, combined with going to different high schools, halted our creative progress for quite some time. It wasn’t until we went to the same college for 3 stinkin’ years that the cold torch of creativity was relit by the ancient flame of the Grillagon.

All and all, this is probably the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. There have been rumors of a sequel in the works, but those have been squelched by the additions of day jobs, girlfriends, and confusing Google Docs links. And pot.