My introduction to the man known as Jackie Chan came from a little show called “Jackie Chan Adventures.” It was easily the best cartoon on WB, which meant it was hands-down the best show a kid my age could have watched without cable.

Aside from the titular Jackie, you also had Jade, his big-eyed niece, and Uncle, Jackie’s crotchety sensei (who also happened to be his dad’s brother? Unclear.)

All I remember about the show is something about talismans. Also, Jackie would always scream UNCLEEEEE anytime something went wrong. And anytime there was a curse or bad Korean spell or some shit, Uncle would cast his own counter-spell by repeating “Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao” over and over again until the episode ended.

Making Of

This beat is a little tribute to my favorite Chinese uncle. All of the samples were taken from this amazing compilation:


I fed those into Ableton Live and hit my head on the keyboard for like 3 days. The version you’re hearing is like v6 out of 11. It got to the point where I had to say fuck it and just upload it before I actually went insane. Not great, but they can’t all be winners, eh?

Use this Beat

Hope you like it! It’s under a Creative Commons Attribution License, so feel free to rap over it or use it in a video without having the copyright police knocking on your door. Just be sure to credit me somewhere.

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